Saturday, February 28, 2009

About our Postnatal helper hunt

Dear All,

Last week, some of you might have seen that we found one, but after an intense thinking, we decided to go and find another one.

In fact, the first sounds to be professional, but she did not look so, long nails etc... for somebody who take care after babies, that was not a good impression. Also, we had a lengthy conversation (at least she did talked a lot), and after some deeper analysis, we were led by her, we were kind of trap into the "can't say no". She is a very nice person, although she seems to brag a lot about herself, about how she loves her job, how she would do anything with perfection, how she cares about her customers, etc..etc...

Anyway, we accepted at first, but we were not given any peace in our hearts. So, we decided to move on and continue our hunt.

Peace of mind is very important and we were recalled by a sister. We called her and that was the first question she asked: "Do you have peace in your heart?" and we knew that we were just lying to ourselves, somehow convincing our minds not to look for other alternative as we run up of patience to find one. But we were all wrong, if we really let this matter down to God, the one that will took care of His baby will present herself/himself, somehow like the nanny found us.

So, Yukyin already met another one (candidate B) on last Tuesday and we'll meet another one (candidate C) coming Tuesday, hope we found someone suitable for the job.

If you have 2 minutes of your time, please pray for us.