Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thanks for your prayers!

Dear All,

First, I need to give thanks to everyone, anyone who took some time to pray for us during that challenging year and a half, anyone who took the time to give us a call, leave us an encouraging word, stayed with us as we went through this year. I also want to thank all of Living Love Fellowship for their support for having prayed for us weekly during our pre-study worship. I want to also thank doctors (Dr S. Leung in partcular), bioresonance therapists for their care.
I want to also thank my family, during this year, I haven't been the best husband, I haven't been the best son, I haven't been the best dad, I asked for your forgiveness and thank you for your support.

To all of you THANK YOU.

This year, we settled on continuing Lémuel's bioresonance therapy, we moved home and since then, Lémuel has been constantly showing progress, now he walks, he talks, he sings, he says "Aiyyaaa" like a true Cantonese speaking kid. He still has some development delays, we hope that he will be able to get into a kindergarten, next year K1's resources are pretty limited. We leave it to God, we'll pray and see.

Here are some pictures summing up what we went through:

April 2013, his body was completely trashed, red everywhere, swollen, injured, he started to lose weight dramatically, feeling very itchy, suffering from his multiple wounds.

At that time, he was all covered by wounds as you can see:

May 2013, start of his steroid topical treatment. That's what I call bleach for the skin, his body went from reddish to snow as white, but he was swollen ALL over his body, he looked fat, but his body mass went from 50 percentile to under the curve.

As we continue using steroids, we could not get rid of certain rash attacks, he would have  the eyes all swollen up.

Lémuel prepared to sleep in his wet wrap, a real little mummy. That's every night, from May to November 2013.

Up until May this year, he remained tied up when he was sleeping. That's when he was also having wounds on the cheeks.

If he could get his hands off of his wrapping and reach his face, it would end up like this. In order not to shock my readers, I decided against publishing pictures of his face. Believe me, having to clean up massive amount of blood in the middle of the night is the last thing I wish to anybody.

April 2014, we were at the beach and you can still see his skin not completely restored, his cheeks took a VERY long time to heal, arms and legs rashes would come and go.

After a year of treatment:

So again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your prayers and support.

Now, he still has allergies, he still has a very long list of forbidden foods that is veerryyy slowly reducing, he still has sensitive skin. I'll keep you up to date. I'll also try to find time to write down treatment we did in details for people looking to help their kids if they are suffering from the same thing.

This would not be complete if I don't also give thanks to our Heavenly Father who placed Lémuel amongst Myrtille, Yukyin and I. We learnt a lot, we shared a lot, we grew a lot. Thanks to You. I need to admit that a few months ago, we could not envision the fact that Lémuel could live a normal life but Thanks to your healing hands, I see him a living testimony of your Love.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Growing out of allergies?

Dear Reader,

Nearly half year I haven't posted anything. A lot has changed. Myrtille is growing, her relationship with me has not changed, I am always expecting too much of her, it's like the lack of care from my own parents has turned myself into a freak. I don't really know how to work on myself, but when I see her, and hear her... especially when she complains and she does complain a lot, I really want to scream out loud.
So, I took a decision, don't know how long it will last, but I need to be a better father... I need to think of ways about making her feel proud of herself, proud of me and I need to learn how to be proud of her... maybe I should also say it... it might help her.

Anyway, started to learn how to tie her hair in a different way than a pony tail... It's growing on me and she likes it.

Being a Dad... is difficult, being a girl's dad... is even more demanding, our brain does not just work the same way. I need to be even more delicate than with my wife. I don't know how friends having two or three girls are doing it... I wouldn't.


He changed, now he walks and copy us. His vocabulary is still very limited but he quickly catch those habits we have. He is still walking drunkard style, that's very funny to watch and he does not care about hurting himself.

Allergies? Yes... they are still here, we moved flat and since then, we are using steroids a lot more often, as we want to be able to control their skin condition, that makes them sleep better, prevent them to sneeze like crazy. Inside us, we still want to chase, we want to know why? But sometimes, it's seems like we will never know and we should just spend our time on creating memories with the kids and wife.

But, I do thank you for your prayers, Lémuel is way way way better than last year. It was around May last year that he was depressed and nearly died of infection. Now, he is always walking around and smiling, hoping to catch a cuddle time with Mama. We came a long way from that.


Myrtille, 5y

Lémuel, 20m

The watermark is wrong, it should be 2014.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Photogear review: Nikon focusing screen H2

Dear Reader,
Today I'll talk about another focusing screen, last time I told you about the eBay big eye focusing screen here, it worked well but not well enough so that I can really recommend a purchase, especially for the split screen area. I said at that time that I would give Nikon H2 focusing screen a go and I did...
Went on eBay, wait a huge amount of time to have a h2 pop up at a relative good price and snatched one sample.
The Nikon focusing screens type H are equipped with microprism over the entire surface of the screen. There are 4 grades, 1 to 4 that correspond to different focal length of lens used. Longer lens light rays are not hitting the focusing screen the same way as wide angle so that's why there are different grades. I took a H2 because it was the one that is said to work well with the 50mm f1.2 that I own.
Amending an old Nikon focusing screen for cropped sensor body is not so difficult, old ones come in 3 parts, the focusing screen, a condenser (to direct light), a frame to hold all that. I took the focusing out, wrapped it with masking tape, cut it with a metal saw to approx the right dimensions (just took the existing one out and measured it with a caliper). Then started the long process to grinding it to the right dimensions using a file and some sand paper.  Once the dimensions were fine, I took off the masking tape and Voilà, it was done. By the way, for people looking into doing it, I did not make the side tab that protudes from one of the side, I just did a rectangle shape.
After putting everything back in my DSLR, I tried it and I figured out that the focusing was off... Wayyy off.. After a few puzzled seconds, I figured out I mounted it upside down... The focusing surface is towards the top. So took it out again and replace it correctly that time. Test it and it works quite well. The focus is easier to acquire than the big eye focusing screen and It is way easier to pinpoint focusing with it. It's not perfect though as my main manual lens is a nikkor 50 1.2 which can be a bit soft sometimes at its widest setting, so it can be challenging to nail focus. But the fact that the microprism cover the whole screen is a good help, I can focus just anywhere on the frame. I still need to make sure to move my AF point at the right location for metering but I can leave it in the middle and just do a center weighted metering and be done with it.
In a few words, a very good focusing screen.
Thanks for reading.